About WildQuest

WildQuest is a company born out of a passion for feeling connected, with oneself and with the whole. We have a deep love for the dolphins and the delicate harmony of nature that we experience in and around these beautiful islands, plus we love to share this passion with like-minded people.

the dreamteam We accompany our guests on all the excursions to visit the dolphin pods and personally support and facilitate The Human-Dolphin Connection. Our dream is to make this experience available to as many people as we possibly can.

Since 1995 we have been providing the best program for swimming with wild and free dolphins in the warm Caribbean ocean. Our intention is always one of minimal intrusion and our dolphin swims are conducted with respect and awareness.

Feeling connected

It's clear from our experiences, that in a loving, supportive and safe environment, in such exquisite natural surroundings we all tend to expand, relax and regain our natural feeling of harmony and connection.

On WildQuests Retreats there are friendly sharing circles, times of silence and various meditations if the desire is there. Nothing, of course, is compulsory! There is much fun and laughter and maybe tears.

We find that the circle of new friends that gathers on each trip has its own unique character, and offers perfect support and nurture for the individual journeys that each of us are on.