THe Human-Dolphin Connection

Atmo and Amlas"Ourselves and other members of the WildQuest team have swum with dolphins the world over — and so far we all agree that, taking everything into account, the Bahamas is simply the best place we've found.

"Warm, clear, unpolluted aquamarine waters, joyful free dolphins, and those enchanted isles and deserted beaches — wouldn't you like to come and experience this unique opportunity for yourself?

"It is our passion and joy to be able to make this experience available to like-hearted people, and to share the myriad wonders of nature that we find here with our friends.

"Does this sound like your sort of thing?
We hope so - and we look forward to meeting you soon!"

It's more than just a dolphin swim holiday

The WildQuest Human-Dolphin Connection Program offers you a group retreat experience shared intimately with a small number of like-hearted souls, letting go and relaxing, whilst also connecting on a daily basis with wild, free Atlantic Spotted and Bottlenose Dolphins.

On your retreat you'll be joined on average by 17 fellow adventurers, and it's most likely that you will make many deep and lasting friendships. As you experience the vastness of the ocean and sky in its timelessness and simplicity, you'll feel nurtured and supported — and thus gain deeper access to your inner world.

Every summer since 1995 our retreat participants have shared many wonderful experiences whilst swimming with these friendly Atlantic Spotted and Bottlenose dolphins — and the ocean is so warm and clear!

Our vision is of minimal intrusion, and our dolphin swims are conducted with respect and awareness. We do not feed, chase or do anything that might disrupt their natural behavior. Only at the dolphins' invitation do we interact with them.

We provide a supportive and safe space, both on the boat and on land, for the optimum Human-Dolphin Connection.


"My heartfelt gratitude...thank you for a week of truth, seeing, playing, swimming, loving..." - Colleen, California